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Frequently Asked Questions About Started Gundogs and British Labrador Puppies

Q. Do you sell British Labrador puppies?

A. Yes, we are very selective in this process, but will typically have 2 litters of hunting lab puppies per year

Q. Do you sell started gundogs? 

A. Yes, this is our main service to our clients. We professionally train started gundogs

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are a Gundog Breeder in Fredericksburg, Texas

Q. Can I visit the kennel to see my labrador puppy prior to 6 weeks of age?

A. No, we do not allow visitors when puppies are less than 6 weeks of age due to biosecurity.

Q. Can you ship my hunting lab puppy?

A. Yes, puppies are shipped everyday all over the world, however, there are extra costs involved that will be passed along to you.

Q. Is your availability for British Labrador puppies and started gundogs up to date on your website?

A. We make every effort to maintain accuracy on a regular basis

Q. Can we reserve a puppy and pick him/her up as a started gun dog?

A. Yes, this is our main service for our clients

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